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On Site Battery Pouch

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Don’t lie, you’ve been there before.

You’ve been that dude that shows up to the Tactical NVG class with spare batteries for all your cool guy shit, but when your ears go down unexpectedly? You’re bumming AAAs off your classmates.

Elastic battery carriers are nothing new, but we’ve designed these to fit 2 AAAs in an extremely small footprint directly on your ear protection. This allows you to free up pouch or helmet counterweight space for AA/CR123 batteries for your more critical items, like NODs, lights and lasers.

It’s definitely not a mission critical piece of kit - but for those who have been there, it’s a welcome addition to your gear.

These carriers have been tested to fit on the following, but should fit the majority of electronic muff-style earpro:

  • Ops-Core AMPs
  • Sordin Supreme Pro-X and -IV (and associated TCI Liberator models)
  • Peltor Comtac II and III (and associated TCI Liberator models)
  • Howard-Leight Impact Sports

These will also fit wherever you can find free loop space - helmets, rifles, bags, pouches, uniform pockets, or whatever fits your needs.

While meant to carry two AAA batteries, the OSBP will also fit

  • 2 AA batteries
  • 2 5.56/.223 rifle rounds

Please note that while AAs will fit, the OSBP was designed for slimmer AAAs and some stretching may occur if used with AAs.


These items come with 1 x adhesive backed loop velcro, cut to fit and ready for placement.