Kinetic Love Days

Kinetic Love Days is a visual novel currently in development by WGWDev, utilizing the characters of the Weapons Grade Waifus franchise.

  • 1 common route + 6 potential character-focused routes
  • 100+ CGs by SoySauceDoodles  (+ additional H-Scenes)
  • 40+ backgrounds of locales that span the globe
  • Authentic weapon noises (recorded on the range!)
  • Realistic guns, gear and tactics
  • Original EDM/lo-fi/future bass soundtrack by Studio 7.62




The world economy has become dominated by private military companies.

Standing armies are now relegated to the roles of bargaining chips and display pieces - balanced precariously on the edge of a third global war, the world governments instead rely on mercenaries to enforce their policies and fight the multitude of small conflicts that have erupted in order to maintain the worldwide “peace.” With military contract work quickly becoming the world's most common profession, specialty “colleges” that focus on the higher-level learning of low-intensity conflict have been founded.

After four years of friends lost and hard lessons learned, you find yourself appointed as a Special Adviser to the Asymmetric Strategies Institute, a prestigious multi-national contractor academy. The hybrid coach/talent scout position is regarded by many of your peers as a cushy admin job - an easy ride to a nice paycheck, without any real danger involved.

The plan? Ride out your assignment while doing the least amount of work possible.

But as everyone knows, no plan survives first contact with the enemy...