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ALL Customer Support requests MUST go through Any requests sent elsewhere will NOT be answered to.


Due to the nature of international shipping, all international orders are placed at the buyer's own risk. While we will do our utmost to ensure your receipt of our products, WGW will not be held liable for any packages lost in transit by either USPS or your home country's postal service. Replacement items may be sent, but shipping cost will be incurred by the buyer should a replacement package be requested.

WGW is not responsible for any customs/brokerage fees incurred by the customer.

WGW is not responsible for any delays for international shipments.

Once again - order at your own risk.

How long does it take to process orders?

All orders, Domestic or International, take 3-5 business days in processing.


Where is my order?

Upon our shipment of your order, you should have received an email with a tracking number in it. Simply enter this tracking number into Google and it will automatically search and track it for you. If you didn't receive a tracking number through email, please feel free to contact us at


I placed two separate orders. Can you combine orders?

Unfortunately, due to the time-consuming process of combining orders and refunding shipping, no requests for order combination will be honored. Please ensure your order is complete before finalizing checkout - it's not difficult.

How long does it take for an order to get to me once shipped?

Domestic Orders: 3-5 business days for standard 1st Class, 2-3 business days for Priority
International Orders: 7-90 business days for 1st Class International, 7-14 business days for Priority International. Please keep in mind INTL shipments can take a month or longer due to external factors such as customs, travel and being sent to the wrong country.
APO/DPO/FPO: 5-7 business days

My tracking says my package is delivered but I didn't receive it. What's going on?

This happens often with USPS. Please speak to your local post office as they were the ones to actually carry out the delivery and will have a better idea of where your package is. In the past, we have also had cases where family members received the package and placed it elsewhere in the residence, or the USPS deliverer ended up delivering the package to a neighbor. It would be advised to check with housemates and neighbors before contacting us.

Our official policy is that we do not send replacements for lost packages, as we do not expect any of the companies WE order from to provide that for us in similar situations. If replacement items are still desired, we can create a new order for $2.50 per patch/$1.00 per sticker or slap from the original invoice, plus the appropriate shipping cost.

In cases where tracking numbers show that the item has been lost in transit - or has not updated after an extremely long period of time - we will be happy to provide free replacement, with buyer paying the appropriate shipping cost.


What is your return/replacement policy?

All sales are final - however, some factory-blemished patches do slip past our QC sometimes and we are more than happy to replace them for a non-blemished patch should the need arise. In the case of a blemished patch, contact us at


Will you ever restock ______?

Short answer: Unless otherwise noted as a limited edition item - Yes. 

Long answer: We don' t know when specific, out of stock patches will be restocked. Your best bet is to follow our WGW Patch Group on Facebook, as we announce all news there first.