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WGW Consulting

To augment our competitive shooting component, WGW maintains an active involvement with the firearms training industry. In partnership with companies like LMS Defense, T3 Pros, and Ravenwing Limited, our WGW Consulting division is focused on skill development and connecting our customer base with relevant and accessible coursework. We host classes with these providers ranging from pistol and rifle fundamentals to emergency medical care, along with specialty courses which include night observation device (NOD) employment and close-quarters battle. We are also able to provide limited roleplayer capabilities for MIL/LEO exercises. Our team's diverse backgrounds in the civilian and military realms allow us to provide unique feedback for clients, and we are able to simulate a wide spectrum of adversaries to include near-peer and peer threats.

 Additionally, the WGW Blog is a company and community-sourced nexus for information relevant to not only firearms, accessories and training, but general outdoor activities and adjacent lifestyle topics. Our writing team represents all walks of life, from civilian competitive shooters to rural LEOs, and we strive to maintain an objective level of accuracy and relevancy for all topics requiring it. Unless noted otherwise, all products and services reviewed are done so at personal expense to either WGW or the respective author - paid reviews and favoritism are not welcome here.

If you would like to connect regarding training, roleplaying, or product evaluation opportunities, please reach out to