About us

Weapons Grade Waifus (known by many as WGW) is a Facebook Page that was brought to life in order to counteract all of the stupidity we would see on the various Facebook "anime & gun" pages - for the most part, these were run by people who didn't have guns, didn't shoot, and were spreading all sorts of fallacies that they "learned" from the Errornet.

There was a void to be filled, so we said "Fuck it, why not" and dove right in.

Early on in our Page's existence, we decided to run a commemorative velcro patch and the rest, as they say, is history.

We have four key elements that drive the way we do things here at WGW:

1.) Wearable Patches - in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, we want to ensure that - for the most part - our patches are sized and colored in a way that lends to their actual use.
2.) Open Comms - We love interacting with our end users, and we know how frustrating slow or nonexistent comms can be. Whether you need help with an order or just want to talk about the current anime season or latest piece of kit, we do our best to be as responsive as we can as quick as we can on all of our channels.
3.) Affordable Pricing - We don't like paying $30+ for nice patches and we're going out on a limb to say you probably wouldn't want to, either.
4.) Veteran Support - Giving back to our warriors has been a central tenet of WGW since its inception. As such, 15% of our profits goes toward veteran support charities.

WGW intends to address the lack of well-drawn, high-quality anime-related morale patches, a niche that we feel is worth addressing. Those that have enjoyed anime in their childhoods from the 1980’s-1990’s have grown into today’s military personnel, law enforcement officers, first responders and responsibly armed civilians - and they have brought their fandom with them.


For general inquiries and customer support, please contact us at support@weaponsgradewaifus.com