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WGW Special Projects


Since our earliest days, one of WGW’s major focuses has been our involvement in the communities that we service; namely, the shooting, airsoft and anime/gaming communities. To support that, our “Special Projects” division both hosts and participates in the same activities that our customers do - after all, most of our designs are a reflection of our hobbies!


In the shooting sports, we field a multidiscipline competition team with a focus on USPSA pistol shooting, comprised of members in California, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas. Most of us shoot anywhere from 2-4 club matches a month, as well as several major matches throughout the year. We also sponsor larger shooting events like the Bay Area Rifle Championship, Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championship, and GridIron Arena.


Airsoft Events

Many of the WGW team are long-time airsofters - some of us have been playing for over twenty years! We host private games at our locations in Northern and Southern California, and we also enjoy attending publicly-attended pickup games and "big ops" where we get to hangout with friends and customers.